Great Oral Sex: Tips And Techniques

Oral sex doesn’t have to be about you lying down, playing around using your hands then getting straight to the big deal. There are a lot of ways in which you can make it enjoyable and more pleasurable. Using them, you may end up finding oral sex more pleasurable than actual penetration. Here are a few positions you can use to improve your oral sex life.

Sideways 69

You don’t have to always use the obvious 69 where he lies down and you go on top. It may become boring overtime. Try switching things up a little bit by experimenting with the sideways 69. It will heighten the feeling for the girl even more as the guy gets to have better access. It works better for those who love it dirty as this is exactly what this position feels like.

The Little-Known 67 Position

This is just a slight alteration to the 69. It is presumed to be more pleasurable as the one being teased doesn’t have to do anything in return hence ends up concentrating on the physical pleasures they are getting. The giver lies on the side while the given lies on the back. The giver then does everything leaving the other party to enjoy without any distraction. The big O may be reached faster on this position than on 69.

Try It Fully Clothed

What makes this move more pleasurable is the fact that people use their imagination, as not everything is brought to light. Imagination is part of what triggers orgasms. The lady can opt to sit on a surface with her legs dangling down and her skirt or dress lifted up a little bit. The guy kneels or stands depending on the height of the surface and then goes down on her. The lady can opt to control the guy’s head using her hands to direct him on the points she wants stimulated. You don’t have to remove the undies, just push them to the side. The position is good for a quick oral sex session.

Standing up

It is not as difficult as it may sound. It doesn’t involve carrying anyone around. The guy lies down across a bench then the girl squats or just stands over his face. On this position, the guy has access to most body parts except maybe the face and so he could tease around with the girl’s body. The girl can also adjust her waist in this position to direct you to the regions that excite her the most. The girl also has the option of tilting back a little bit and play around with the guy’s membrane if she feels like teasing him too.

The good thing about these positions is that one can twist them just a little bit and end up finding themselves in other better positions. All you need is an open mind and the willingness to explore.

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